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Coast Guard Civilian Jobs: Job Description

Coast Guard Civilian Jobs Description

The United States Coast Guard employs more than 7,000 civilians in assorted occupations throughout the country. Applicants do not charge to resort to accompany the U.S. Coast Guard. In fact, a lot of non-combatant work found in added more than 100 sites throughout the country. U.S. Coast Guard has added more than 200 types of non-combatant jobs, which are classified into 5 accepted categories: authoritative support, administrative, barter and labor, able and technical. Interested candidates may analyze abeyance of job opportunities by visiting the U.S. Coast Guard web sites.


About Coast Guard Civilian Jobs: Administrative support positions involves the plan of business operations and covers responsibilities such as the use of computers to abundance or dispense data, the preparation, review, cancellation and analysis of documents, and analysis and acquisition advice from assorted sources. Positions in this class are animal assets specialists, authoritative specialists, bent investigators, account analysts and aegis experts. Administrative support jobs include positions that provide clerical and office support for the U.S. Coast Guard’s management infrastructure by performing tasks such as processing paperwork and transactions, compiling and maintaining records, sorting mail and answering telephones. Administrative support jobs include positions such as administrative assistants, human resources assistants, legal assistants, secretaries, procurement assistants, purchasing agents and office automation clerks.

Jobs in authoritative abutment positions accommodate authoritative and accounting support for the basement of the U.S. administration Coast Guard by assuming tasks such as processing abstracts and transactions, accumulation and advancement records, allocation mail and acknowledgment phones. Jobs in authoritative abutment are for positions like authoritative assistants, HR assistants, paralegals, secretaries, boutique assistants, purchasing agents and vendors of appointment automation. U.S. Coast Guard able non-combatant jobs cover plan involving analytic skills, acceptable faculty and the alertness to administer an all-encompassing physique of ability of the attempt and practice that advance to that profession. Examples of able positions are automated engineers, electrical engineers, apprenticeship and training, accounting, accretion specialists, architects and non-combatant engineers. Technical positions accommodate abutment to advisers of the U.S. Coast Guard alive in cable and authoritative occupations through the appliance of applied ability of the concepts, practices. Examples of deep positions are put to plan as an architect technician, dental abettor and prefiguration of the construction.

Jobs in offices and job class includes manual and craft ability work, and are amenable for maintenance, supply, advice casework and engineering aspects of authoritative and acquiescence the alone U.S. Coast Guard law and aggressive missions. Positions on barter and activity are aircraft mechanics, painters, actual handlers, aliment mechanics, welders, and mechanical, electrical and automated area metal.

Thus, the Coast Guard Office of Noncombatant Human Resources has also accustomed guidelines for the able administration of advisers and agent unions. All non-combatant advisers of the Coast Guard have the appropriate to participate and be represented by a union. The Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute requires non-combatant administration to admit and plan with those unions, and these guidelines were created to accede with this law.

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